Our bus is a toast to Haida Gwaii lifestyle. Playing on an islanders need to repurpose just about everything is how this bus came to be. Salvaged and foraged materials contribute to the decor and the bus itself has had many lifetimes before this one. Overall, it boasts beauty, function, comfort and history, stuffed into 40ft of yellow.





As for Masset, Masset has a reputation for being a bit on the wild side. Such an accusation is reinforced not only by it's local characters but by a fickle wind and vast, empty beaches rich with history and teeming with life. So if like us you enjoy such treasures, let us be part of the adventure. But be warned..... you may not want to leave.


78 Passenger School Bus + Heedless Ambition



The Bluebird Guestbus

1156 Williams Street

Masset, BC Canada